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About Coditz

Coditz is an early-stage funded startup working on projects in the web and mobile space. We are looking for enthusiastic developers who want to shake up the way ALL software devlopment is done and deployed.


We're working on some core technology which can power many different types of applications.

For now, we're developing an open tax-filing system, to help with something we all love to hate. This should help us prove out the technology which we can use for other things down the road.

If you'd like to here more about what we're working on, drop us an email and we can chat in person.


Steve Parkinson
Founder, President, Architect
Steve has 30 years of extensive industry experience in the web space, starting at Netscape Communications in 1997.

Nathan Viboonchan
Founder and Lead Engineer
Nathan has worked for some of the world's biggest internet properties, focusing on the special requirements of the international community, including aspects of internationalization and localization. Nathan also has plenty of experience developing sofrware for Android and iOS platforms

Gong Chen
Project Engineer
Gong has worked on many large design projects in the Bay area, with extensive experience on Mechanical engineering and data centers. He's an expert in control systems theory, process management, dependency resolution and schedule and resource management optimization.

Boss Ni
Software Engineer
Boss's passion is in Software and Electrical Engineering, including CPU and low-level logic library design for major CPU manufacturer in the Bay Area. It's very likely that you're using transistors Boss designed right now!

Join our team!


We are looking for people with the following skills: - Robotics - Javascript
- web standards
- RDF / Linked data
- PDF file format, Acrobat forms (detailed knowledge)
- US IRS tax domain
- Community participation (such as wikipedia)

It doesn't matter if you're fresh out of school or someone with 30 years of experience, so long as you're willing to try something new.

Send us a note to